Thursday, August 21, 2014

Style Basics

Hey, guys! My pics are going to look weird this week, this situation is killing me blah.... Today I choose for super casual outfit. I love Korean designers, because they know how to turn regular clothing to fun and stylish way. One of my favorite accessory this summer is a floral printed cap by ELOQ. Isn't adorable? I have been trying to find caps in local stores, but they have only sport or fan caps. BOOOO... 

I styled this cap with distressed jeans by Blackfive and an asymmetric top by Idadress. Also, I got an awesome matching laptop case with phone case  by Snupped. If you did not hear about them, you should definitely check them out. They have a lot of fun and chic accessories for ladies like you.

To create stylish sporty look I am wearing blue thea sneakers by Le Bunny Blue.
Jeans/Blackfive    Phone case/Snupped     Cap/Eloq 
Sneakers/LeBunny      Top/Idadress     Laptop Case/Snupped

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mickey printed Shirt x Snupped Case

Hey guys! You can not imagine how I am working on my blog, since my computer is on repair. At first, I am using my old netbook, which is super slow and super mini. To make this post alive, I spent 4 hours. Unbelievable! But I did it! Here I am wearing my new awesome Mickey Mouse printed oversized shirt  by Oasap with super cute overall skirt, which you can buy at my store Queenhorsfall Closet. Also, I got amazing iphone case by Snupped. I would love to tell more about this super easy store. You can customize whatever you want and however you like. 
I am a big fan of Korean Artist Minjae Lee, I was surprised when I saw, they do iphone cases with his art!Yeah! I'm missing Korea a lot, and a new iphone case is not just super pretty, but also brings a good memory about Korea. I am missing my friends so much! By the way, you should check out my Korean friends blogs:

Thisisfashionblog, Theboyfriendscloset (not Korean, but written in 2 languages), Fashionbunny, and our website IFBKseoul.

Shirt/Oasap  Overall/Queenhorsfall Closet  Phone Case/Snupped

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School (2)

Hey, guys! I have such a bad news, I broke my computer. Now I will need to wait, till it will be fixed;(
I never did anything stupid in my life, like I did this time. You probably all know that Apple is very pricey. Anyway, I will share my experience with you later. To luck, I saved some pics on my email. 

I am wearing one of "good" student outfit. I know many of you are going back to school (i am so happy, that it is not me =*), and you probably not sure what you would like to wear. Romwe, like many other stores, offers a lot of SALEs, what can save a tone of "your money" (your parents). I choose to wear one of cutest dress by Romwe. I felt like I am back to my 14. Haha. This dress is adorable and super classy. I added a long over knee sock and cute mini backpack by Romwe, to create a coolest student look.
Now you can get this dress for ONLY $14.99!!! (Only 24 Hours).

Dress/Romwe    Backpack/Romwe   Glasses/Blackfive