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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lucky Chouette FW 2015 | Who Wore it Better?

Hello, sweeties! I hope you are all having a great time! Since we are living so close to the beach, I'm pretty sure that you are gonna see a lot of beach pictures while we are here. Hehe. I can't complain! A few days ago, I got an awesome package from WannabK. I'm so in love with my new silk blouse! In my previous post, I mentioned that it is a retail store that carries a couple of luxurious Korean brands. Last Seoul Fashion Week, I was able to visit the Lucky Chouette F/W15 collection and wrote a review about this collection that you can read here. I might even have a picture of one of my favorite Korean models wearing this blouse - just will need to find among the files. You can look at the second pic to see what I'm talking about (pic source here). Hehe, it makes me think of American magazines with articles titled "Who Wore it Better?" LOL
Blouse | Lucky Chouette  via WannabK  Dress (Similar) |  Farfetch Shoes (Similar) |  here

Monday, October 5, 2015

First Fall in California

Hi, sweeties! I'm so excited, because this is our first outdoor photo shoot in our new home town of California! The weather is definitely different here. Even when the sun shines, it can still be chilly. We didn't move into our new apartment yet (waiting on furniture delivery), but we are lucky to be staying at a friend's house. It's so nice to have friends who will let you stay as long as you need. It reminds me of my home country of Kazakstan. We have yet to discover much in our area. At least my husband is quite curious and was able to find a cool spot during his run around the neighborhood. 

To be honest, I feel like I already love our new home. Just the idea of living in beach town makes it seem like dreams come true. To live in this different climate, I'm wearing my new sweater from Akira. It is super cozy and sexy. I styled it with my mini skirt from Asos. Not to forget about cold wind in the evening, I wore a striped blazer that I got from my friend (She opened an Instagram store, make sure to check it out). To complete my grayish theme, I wore my favorite boots from Shellys London. For accessories, I chose my Lulu's hat and my new bag from Melie Bianco.
I wear:
Hat | Lulu's Top | Akira  Skirt (similar) | Lucky Brand  
Boots | Shellys London  Bag | meliebianco  Necklace | Kitsch

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kitsch Lookbook

Hi, guys! This time we decided to create something unusual. We do not make super proof editorial photo shoots, but we like to be creative. I wish I could write some creative text to capture our vision in words. Anyway, at least you can see our pictures.  A few weeks ago, I got a wonderful package from Kitsch. As soon as I opened it, I knew that I wanted to do a lookbook. To capture the elegance of the pieces, I wore everything in black. To bring some minimalistic style, I edited to black and white. The setting was a quiet patio with hummingbirds hovering above us. Everything was quite lovely this day.
I wear: 
Dress (Similar) | Aqua   Hat | Forever 21  Necklace & Earrings Set | My Kitsch   
Necklace | My Kitsch  Ring | My Kitsch   Flats | Topshop

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Antelope Island Beach

Hi, babies! You won't believe me, but we're in San Francisco right now. We just came back from all of our meetings that we had today. We met with one of my old buddy's that I know from Korea. He is a photographer. Check out his portfolio under Dante Miguel. If you are ever in this area, definitely meet up with him! Later, we met up with my dear blogger/vlogger Kaitlyn, we planned a meet-up for a while and finally had a wonderful KBBQ dinner together! 

As you know from my previous post last week, we visited Antelope Island in Utah. I didn't share that we actually walked to the stinky beach and my husband "swam" in the Great Salt Lake among all the squirmy brine shrimp. Before he went to the water, I asked him to snap another travel outfit of mine! For this shot, I wore my new Dynamite dress. I bought it a month ago, but I didn't have a chance to wear it yet. I think this presented the perfect occasion to wear it. Sky blue color is not just one of my favorite colors - it looked fabulous with the endlessly clear blue sky!
Dress | Dynamite   Bag (Similar) | YesStyle  Sandals (Similar) | Universal

Monday, September 28, 2015

How to wear total white this Fall

Hi, guys! Since moving to California, we still have not had so much time to explore this new location. I would love to share with you my Fall outfit that I wore back in Virginia. Living in the United States, I developed a big obsession with white and black. Before, I was afraid to wear only one color, because I thought it can look boring. I've since learned that with the right accessories and the right style, your monochrome outfit can be super trendy.  To assemble my white outfit, I picked one of my favorite long blazers that I got from Korea. Oh, man, I miss Korean Shopping! You can definitely find something similar here or here. Also, for a dress underneath, I chose to wear another Korean best-deal dress from the famous brand The Studio K. You can totally see how am I inspired by Korean fashion. For accessories, I chose my Anastasia by Raine clutch. To complete my white balance, I wore my GX by Gwen Stefani heels, that are on sale right now!
      Coat  (Similar) | BNKR   Dress (Similar) |   Urban Outfitters
Clutch | Anastasia by Raine   Heels | Gx by Gwen Stefani